AE Tutorial: Cinema 4D & After Effects CS6 3D Camera Tracker – Part I

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Psynaps does a (two part) step-by-step tutorial with commentary and software visuals on how to use 3D camera tracker in AE CS6, and integrate the AE camera tracker with Cinema 4D. This video is exclusively for educational purposes, and use of music and software visuals are within the permission guidelines of the copyright owners (see below).

I wanted to learn how to use AE CS6 “Camera Tracker” and Cinema 4D integration, but I had a difficult time finding a more detailed tutorial with specific examples….so…I’m making one based on my first tests with video game footage. I’m a total noob at C4D btw. 🙂

Cinema 4D to After Effects Plugin:

Background Music
Feint – Sleepless
DotEXE – Hipster Cutthroat [Monstercat EP Release] (

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