AE Tutorial: Special Effects and Slow Motion for PvP videos

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This tutorial contains step-by-step commentary on how I did special effects and slow-motion in my last PvP video using Twixtor and Video Copilot’s Twitch.

In my last PvP video, I followed these multiboxers during Alteric Valley weekend. Needless to say it was COMPLETE ownage. Here is the last video ( ).

Video Editing Software
FRAPS (video capture)
Adobe After Effects CS5.5 (video editing)
Twixtor for AE (Slow-motion and time remapping)
Twitch for AE (jitter, distortion, and flashes)
Handbreak (video compression H.264 for web)

Download the original PvP video in full 1080 HD (mp4 ~588MB):

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Blackmill – The Drift
Permission was given by the artist for use in this video. Thx BlackmillMusic!!!
Buy it:
KillaGraham – Drop It
This is free music available for download by the artist.

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