Baby Neo Matrix Parody: Red Pill Blue Pill

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This is my son Neo (no joke)! He is 4mo-old and loved working on this short film. I will do a vlog about the making of this video to show how I did the masking, color grading, and some 3D texturing and lighting for the background.

Matrix “Red Pill Blue Pill” Parody.
Starring: Neo Smrt (as Neo)
Edited by: R. Smrt (Psynaps)

Adobe After Effects CS6 (video editing, color grading, and composting)
Cinema 4D R12 (3D wall texture for Neo’s Background)
Adobe Photoshop (extracting scene elements)
Adobe Audition (audio mixing and mastering)
Handbrake (video compression for internet)

Film Credit:
The Matrix. Dir. Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski. 1999. Film.

Music (at end credits):
Tut Tut Child – Run The Show [Monstercat Release]

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