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Bajheera Intro by Psynaps

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I will be posting selected images and artwork here from the project.

On Bajheera’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8-fnAS2QQo

Wallpaper Downloads (4K resolution)

These are scenes from the intros. Sometimes its nice to see them in full quality. Some will be PERFECT for desktop background. More coming soon!


FINAL_1471 2015-10-15_13-11-54
FINAL_0722 2015-10-16_16-15-25
FINAL_0263 2015-10-14_23-46-56
FINAL_1113 FINAL_0569
FINAL_0061 FINAL_0919
FINAL_0399 FINAL_0483
FINAL_0166 FINAL_0092

Screenshots from Various Scenes

2015-10-16_16-14-29 2015-09-03_22-13-49 2015-09-03_18-52-17   2015-09-06_23-11-19 2015-09-10_01-08-15 2015-09-10_01-11-25 2015-09-10_01-53-08 2015-09-10_02-39-53 2015-09-10_03-35-21

Transmogs submitted to be in the intro



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