Bajheera Intro by Psynaps

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I will be posting selected images and artwork here from the project.

On Bajheera’s YouTube:

Wallpaper Downloads (4K resolution)

These are scenes from the intros. Sometimes its nice to see them in full quality. Some will be PERFECT for desktop background. More coming soon!

FINAL_1471 2015-10-15_13-11-54
FINAL_0722 2015-10-16_16-15-25
FINAL_0263 2015-10-14_23-46-56
FINAL_1113 FINAL_0569
FINAL_0061 FINAL_0919
FINAL_0399 FINAL_0483
FINAL_0166 FINAL_0092

Screenshots from Various Scenes

2015-10-16_16-14-29 2015-09-03_22-13-49 2015-09-03_18-52-17 2015-09-06_23-11-19 2015-09-10_01-08-15 2015-09-10_01-11-25 2015-09-10_01-53-08 2015-09-10_02-39-53 2015-09-10_03-35-21

Transmogs submitted to be in the intro



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