Best OBS Studio Settings for Twitch by Psynaps

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Button_Psynaps_Stream_guidesHere I talk about the best OBS settings for OBS Studio. I don’t cover how to set up scenes and cameras, this is just focused on the quality of encoding. OBS encoding is a big deal because we all want a better quality stream, and information is missing on what the settings do and how we can use them to make our stream better! At last, in this video series (more coming soon) I will provide some of the missing information so I can help you (us) raise the bar of stream quality on Twitch.


See the best settings for OBS here:

Best OBS Settings by Psynaps (Part II)

Q & A:

See the Stream Guide for all Questions and Answers.

Good settings for 1080p 30fps:


Screenshots from the video:

psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-44-52 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-44-32 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-44-20 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-45-02 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-45-38 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-45-46 psynaps-OBS-studio-best-settings-2016-05-06_16-45-17

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