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This is a new style of Behind the Scenes where I provide downloads to original resources and project files. Additionally, people often ask me for tips on the AE Camera Tracker because they sometimes experience a FAILED camera solve. There are a few things you can do to avoid a failed camera track in After Effects.

Tracking Tips:

– Smooth video capture. Gentle pans and smooth video footage are easier to track. Avoid rapid movements and panning when capturing.
– High FPS. Higher FPS tracks better because there is less pixel changes between frames.
– Static scenes. Scenes that have non-moving objects are best. Avoid scenes that have moving objects such as characters, vehicles, or fire. However, masking can be used to mask out those objects.

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Download Project Files and 4K Wallpaper:

CSGO 4K Wallpaper (FREE for all to download) + C4D Download (Login to download) – http://www.psynapticmedia.com/members/csgo-4k-wallpaper-c4d-download/

CSGO_Logo_by_Psynaps_1080 2015-08-19_18-36-02 2015-08-19_18-35-27

CSGO Scope Overlay: After Effects Project File Download (Members) – http://www.psynapticmedia.com/members/csgo-scope-overlay-after-effects-project-file-download/

2015-08-19_19-10-23 2015-08-19_19-09-57 csgo_scope-2-0-00-00-00

After Effects Tracking Example + Download: CSGO Intro (Members) – http://www.psynapticmedia.com/members/after-effects-tracking-example-download-csgo-intro/

2015-08-19_19-02-40 2015-08-19_19-02-10 2015-08-19_19-01-28

Software Used:

After Effects CC 2015
Cinema 4D R16

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