Export 3D Smite Characters to Blender and Cinema 4D

Here I show how to export your 3D Smite Characters to Blender and/or Cinema 4D.

Note: this post is under construction, I will update it with a video and more information soon.

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What you will need

UTViewer (Gildor Unreal Engine Viewer)
Blender (to open .psk and .psa)
– C4D (optional, if you prefer c4D like me)

How to do it

  • Use the UTViewer to export the .upk files to .psk, .psa, and other files needed for import.2014-12-25_13-39-45
  • Import into Blender2014-12-25_13-13-19
    • To import to blender, you must first enable .psk/.psa import and export. In preferences, just search for psk and enable both import and export, then save and close preferences.
  • Export as .OBJ
  • Open the obj in C4D.
  • You will need to manually apply the texture to the model (it looks grey until you apply a texture)2014-12-25_14-40-55
    • To apply the texture, 2014-12-25_14-42-48open the material that is linked to the model, and locate the appropriate texture located in the files you exported from the UT Viewer, its in there!

Whats next

I would like to figure out how to export the animated rigs and bones, so we can animate these!

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Lets come together to support the animation/machinima community on this one!



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