Hey gamers, Psynaps here. I put together a media pack for anyone to download, especially Gamers League members and YouTubers. There will me more updates and downloads on this page, so please bookmark it! Cheers!

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Download Media Pack Here:

Gamers League Media Pack Version 01 (12-03-2014)

Intro (1080p 30fps)
4K wallpapers
Logo Backgrounds

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[jwplayer config=”Psynaps” mediaid=”7566″]


Gamers-League-Psynaps-02 (0-00-02-04)

Gamers-League-Psynaps-02 (0-00-03-12)

Gamers-League-Psynaps-02 (0-00-03-26)

Gamers-League-Psynaps-02 (0-00-07-10)


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