Importing and Exporting Image Sequences – After Effects Tutorial

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In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use high dynamic range image sequences to render movies, and talk about why image sequences can be awesome to use for high-quality movie rendering.

JPEG 2000 (j2k) for After Effects
See 3:38 for jpeg 2000 (fnordware j2k) render settings!

Download the image sequence example files here:

Torrent (faster):


First, I’ll show you how to render your movie into an image sequence.

Next, I’ll show you how to import an image sequence into a movie, and I’ll use time lapse photographs as an example.

Benefits of Image sequences:

– reduce the chance of encountering errors
– multi-machine rendering (render farm)
– high color depth (16bit and 32bit video)
– more quality and format flexibility…
– I didn’t mention Alpha channels in this video, but Alpha ftw.


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