Psynaps Stream Quotes

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Quotes are added/requested by viewers of ridiculous things Psynaps says on stream. These will be updated occasionally, search for new ones in chat!

 !quote 1 “This game is complete shit” – Psynaps – 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 2 “I’m just naturally a Pimp” – Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 3 “gotta find me some noobs” – psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 4 “I like crackers” Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 5 “sometimes you gotta smoke a little crack” Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 6 “the date is, i dont know maybe wedneday” Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 7 “I gotta use this computer tonight man, i gotta stream these games to the noobs so they can learn.” -Psynaps
 !quote 8 “Ahhhhh they got My butthole ahhhh” – psynaps 2015 Kreygasm” -psynaps
 !quote 9 “those are some nice boobs” Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 10 “hard mode is hard” -psynaps 2014″ -psynaps
 !quote 11 “oh fuckballs” -psynaps 2014″ -psynaps
 !quote 12 “Whenever I get a Roni raid, I like to touch my sword.” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 13 “Where’s my poop material?” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 14 “dude the cameltoe is so distracting, it’s killing me” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 15 “Multisexual” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 16 “Hey, fuck you tree!” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 17 “Alcohol makes us live longer guys.” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 18 “click it with your dick” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 19
 !quote 20 “i make them boobs bounce” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 21 “Time to tend to the penises” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 22 “shitty fuck ass balls” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 23 “gay,gay,gay, cool i think im all set” – psynaps 2015″ -psynaps
 !quote 24 “Don’t stick things in your butt.” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 25 “He likes to be hodged, his mom told me” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 26 “if its not epic then fucking shit” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 27 “I have HOOOVES” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 28 “The internet is pretty smart, it’ll figure it out for us.”- Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 29 “If you don’t like it, you can eat a dick” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 30 “My beard could definitely take a punch from a bear” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 31 “i need you on my team so i can feed you to the zombies” – Psynaps 2014 ” -Psynaps
 !quote 32 “Fucking shit balls” – psynaps 2014″ -psynaps
 !quote 33 ”I need Goldfish!” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 34 “PLEASE LAY DOWN!” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 35 “Keep at that shit” -Psynaps2013″ -Psynaps
 !quote 36 “Im fucking a frog” -Psynaps 2013″ -Psynaps
 !quote 37 “everyone deserves a hoe” -Psynaps 2014 ” -Psynaps
 !quote 38 “what’s your favourite grind spot” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 39 “Unless that cum was made out of whisky” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 40 “I want it in my mouth.” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 41 “I TOTALY DEFEATED THAT” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 42 “Quick we need a warlock, I need a mage port” -Psynaps” -Psynaps
 !quote 43 “Growing a beard is about celebrating your manliness” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 44 “a lot more better success” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 45 “Now there’s nothing wrong with meth, but it’s a bad drug and you should never smoke it” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 46 “Shut up the fuck up” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 47 “Is this skank hot” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 48 “CACTUSES ARE SO DUMB AND THEY SUCK!” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 49 “Ill fix your wagon” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 50 “MEOW!!! MEOW!!!! SHIT I SCARED MYSELF!” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 51 “*You gotta lube it up* Psynaps 2014” -Psynaps
 !quote 52 “I can lead a man to whiskey but I cant make him grow a beard” – Psynaps 2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 53 “Holyshitballs – Psynaps 2014” -Psynaps
 !quote 54 “If its blue dont drink it” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 55 “Whiskey goldfish and sushi” beard growing tips by psynaps” -psynaps
 !quote 56 “This is PSYENCE !!” – Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 57 “I’m sure german dogs are nice people too” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 58 “Don’t drop the soap” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 59 “I need some help!” -Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 60 “Now this will fuck your shit!” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 61 “he who hesitates, masterbates” psynaps 2014″ -psynaps
 !quote 62 “oh fuckballs, oh shittycock” Psynaps 2014″ -Psynaps
 !quote 63 “I’m saving lives” psynaps 2014″ -psynaps
 !quote 64 “TACOS” -Psynaps
 !quote 65 “I got a fist IN MY PANTS – Psynaps 2015” -Psynaps
 !quote 66 “ELITE GROUP OF ENGLISH SPEAKING LITERARY HISTORIANS! – Psynaps 2015” -Psynaps (12-Feb-15) #67: “Do it how you gotta do it, that’s the best way to do it -Psynaps 2015 (turboIRL)” -psynaps
 !quote 67 “Do it how you gotta do it, that’s the best way to do it -Psynaps 2015 (turboIRL)” -psynaps
 !quote 68 “‘u fucki me? i fuky you’ Psynaps 2015 (HolyDefeat)” -Psynaps
 !quote 69 “Enter my birthday? How ’bout go eat a fucking dick.” – Psynaps 2015 (Hauru87)” -Psynaps
 !quote 70 “I wanna penetrate”-psynaps 2015 (Tuffy03)” -Psynaps
 !quote 71 “Let’s fuck them! A lot!”-psynaps 2015 (Tuffy03)” -Psynaps
 !quote 72 “i got my rocketlauncher out – it’s fully erect” – Psynaps 2015 (skylusion)” -Psynaps
 !quote 73 “gotta eat more bugs on the stream – Psynaps 2015″” -Psynaps
 !quote 74 “if it gets too hot put it in the microwave””” -Psynaps
 !quote 75 “If you get a new computer don’t baby it, ’cause all you’re telling it is that you are a bitch” #Psynaps2015″ -Psynaps
 !quote 76 “I created genetically retarded mice”” -Psynaps
 !quote 77 “If someone told me to smile, I’d say fuck you and punch them in the face.”” -Psynaps
 !quote 78 “Did I no scope that Dude? That dude is trying to knife me? No!” (giga)” -Psynaps
 !quote 79 “oh, i shot his asshole off and he died”” -Psynaps
 !quote 80 “Oh cool! I only missed first place, by a lot…”” -Psynaps
 !quote 81 “Let’s do ’em”” -Psynaps
 !quote 82 “Kerplow… In your butt.” -Psynaps
 !quote 83 “what an assfuck”” -psynaps
 !quote 84 “That guy’s butthole just popped off.” -psynaps
 !quote 85 “First step: Find the anus. Second step: put your gun in it. Third Step: win the gaaaaaame” -Psynaps
 !quote 86 “What are you wearing right now? I mean how are you?”” -psynaps
 !quote 87 “if you’re looking for butt stuff, you’ve come to the right place. because that’s where I’m gonna put my deagle” -Psynaps
 !quote 88 “Got a problem with my pipe motherfucker? Suck my cock!” -Psynaps
 !quote 89 “Science Center? Sounds dumb.” -Psynaps
 !quote 90 “I got a hurricane… in my pants… so settle the fuck down, before I let it out” -psynaps
 !quote 91 “someone is gonna come up and knife my asshole, right” -Psynaps
 !quote 92 “I am one with my cord” -Psynaps
 !quote 93 “Here’s what I do know…there’s a lot of things that we don’t know, but there’s a lot of things that we do know” -Psynaps
 !quote 94 “Women like guys with those meat skills” -Psynaps
 !quote 95 “have ten seconds to get it inside” -Psynaps
 !quote 96 “I can make them larger as I get inside there” -Psynaps
 !quote 97 “Drop down on your asshole” -Psynaps
 !quote 98 “There’s nothing wrong with Sluts and whores, their people too.” -Psynaps
 !quote 99 “Pooping is a complete waste of time.” -Psynaps
 !quote 100 “Let’s fix his butthole.” -Psynaps
 !quote 101 “I’m gonna hold it… stroke it…” -Psynaps
 !quote 102 “Those balls… Are connecting” -Psynaps
 !quote 103 “If i had a bag full of dicks, I’d just eat ’em all up!” -Psynaps
 !quote 104 “I LOOOOVEEEEE NUTS!” -Psynaps
 !quote 105 “oooooh balls tits” -psynaps
 !quote 106 “sometimes u just wanna put your cock on your keyboard” -psynaps
 !quote 107 “have a sushi baby in my intestines”” -“I
 !quote 108 “I have a sushi baby in my intestines” -psynaps
 !quote 109 “Oh I shot his asshole in!” -psynaps
 !quote 110 “This P is so thick. GOTEEEM” -Psynaps
 !quote 111 “The ball doesn’t want to go into the hole…so we’ll just have to force it in.” -Psynaps
 !quote 112 “i would never make rank 1 cause I suck SHIT at the game!” -Psynaps
 !quote 113 “If you poop on my floor, I’ll shit on your face!” -Psynaps
 !quote 114 “i know a bouncing boob when I see one.. THAT is a bouncing boob.” -Psynaps
 !quote 115 “Let’s say a woman, or a beardless man. It’s basically the same.” -Psynaps
 !quote 116 “It was all the shots in my butt hole” -Psynaps
 !quote 117 “Its huge” -Psynaps
 !quote 118 “Who’s in a black hole?! Cause i have a black hole.. IN MY PANTS!!” -Psynaps
 !quote 119 “sometimes i just wanna go in…hard” -Psynaps
 !quote 120 “that feeling when your butt hole tingles and they are about to put something in it” -Psynaps
 !quote 121 “I like booty.. booties.. booties fascinate me” -Psynaps
 !quote 122 “I always just take the whole thing!” -psynaps
 !quote 123 “Look at it as it Flails about” -Psynaps
 !quote 124 “My penis has been IN the blackhole!” -Psynaps
 !quote 125 “come here butt-plug!” -Psynaps
 !quote 126 “so it won’t be long till the musk of my manhood shields me.” -Psynaps
 !quote 127 “You just gotta take a deep breath and clench your butthole..” -Psynaps
 !quote 128 “I don’t sleep… i take a series of psy-naps.” -psynaps
 !quote 129 “….awe shitty tits….” -psynaps
 !quote 130 “Oh shit Bobo… NOOO!” -psynaps
 !quote 131 “he tried to meow at my anus… but I told him NOO!!!” -psynaps
 !quote 132 “I say we meow at his anus… repeatedly” -psynaps
 !quote 133 “I’m getting super pumped… to pull out my cock.” -psynaps
 !quote 134 “take your pretentious ass… and go FUCK yourself.” -psynaps
 !quote 135 “When is the last time I drank water? Not too long ago.. I had a beer for dinner!” -psynaps
 !quote 136 “I just whiffed it” -psynaps
 !quote 137 “you don’t play rocket league, rocket league plays you” -pysnapse
 !quote 138 “You know i like to pull out my sword during the stream” -Psynaps
 !quote 139 “Owning noobs in bf4 puts me right too sleep” -psynaps
 !quote 140 “i’d like to put my P on a womans thong” -psynaps
 !quote 141 “no sexerinos with pepperinos” -psynaps
 !quote 142 “I will find out where you live and DDOS your fucking face in” -psynaps
 !quote 143 “ddosers should go to prison and get there ass ddosd by bubba” -psynaps
 !quote 144 ” I dont know who drank all my keg, but when i find out im going to kick their ass… oh wait im the only one who drinks my ke
 !quote 145 “If I did drugs, I would be much better at editing” -psynaps
 !quote 146 “Fuck Vitamin D” -psynaps
 !quote 147 “We should lube up for this one… get out your lubes and oils!” -psynaps
 !quote 148 “We gotta protect him.. so he can put his balls in their backdoor.” -psynaps
 !quote 149 “As long as your audio doesn’t look bad you will be fine” -psynaps
 !quote 150 “basically what we want.. is a breastfeeding simulator” -psynaps
 !quote 151 “just kill everything” -psynaps
 !quote 152 “follow the red cup” -psynaps
 !quote 153 “And my weiner grows longer” -psynaps
 !quote 154 “I wanna go in there like battlefield and bust nuts” -psynaps
 !quote 155 “the wiggle is too aggressive” -Psynaps
 !quote 156 “I’m gonna shake you guys until you come to your senses” -Psynaps
 !quote 157 “I keep wanting to go down to make it go up.” -Psynaps
 !quote 158 “I want the cock! (wow rooster mount)” -Psynaps
 !quote 159 “I’m taking a lot of D’s” -Psynaps
 !quote 160 “what the hell, setup.exe thats scary” -psynaps
 !quote 161 “Come on it’s wine, it’s good, it’s fine.” -psynaps
 !quote 162 “chromosomes don’t have chickens! That’s a trick question!!” -psynaps
 !quote 163 “This capture is SHARP AS NIPPLES!” -psynaps
 !quote 164 “So if you’re gonna eat meat, then you need to smoke more pot.” -psynaps
 !quote 165 “THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM COMING” -psynaps
 !quote 166 “Try to hear my vision” -psynaps
 !quote 167 “Do you know how to suck in your balls?” -psynaps
 !quote 168 “I wanna fuck on ’em one more time, I want to fuck ’em real good.” -psynaps
 !quote 169 “Just be careful what you put in your mouth” -psynaps
 !quote 170 “I’m just gonna blow it really hard, that should fix it” -psynaps
 !quote 171 “I need to warm up my balls… my cock and balls….” -psynaps
 !quote 172 “I broke the bone, ok let me put it back in” -psynaps
 !quote 173 “Lets zoom into the crotch, see what’s down there” -psynaps
 !quote 174 “One spot open, if you come fast” -psynaps
 !quote 175 “Man my penis is SO erect right now… I mean, I’m excited.” -Psynaps
 !quote 176 “come jump on the bed with me, reminds me on my gangbanging days” -psynaps
 !quote 177 “You’ve been owned” -Rank 1 Baby Neo
 !quote 178 “no way he can recover from this” -psynaps
 !quote 179 “Hey baby I like your demon form.. Its evil” -psynaps
 !quote 180 “Got her full HoJ…And she likes it” -psynaps
 !quote 181 “You gotta make sure you give the tip some extra attention!” -psynaps
 !quote 182 “I got hella HO’s and I’m sellin’ Intros!” -Psynaps
 !quote 183 “You guys are trying to kill me!! OHH NOOO!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!” -Psynaps
 !quote 184 “they’re trying to kill me… Let’s do it!” -psynaps
 !quote 185 “Addy… you can’t kill me… cause I’ll just pop bubble.” -Psynaps
 !quote 186 “I’m gonna try to poly one… and poop on the other.” -Psynaps
 !quote 187 “It’s pretty normal that I see double, right?” -Psynaps
 !quote 188 “The size of my balls are a little to large” -psynaps
 !quote 190 “Here’s something new, lets keep it simple (LOL)” -Psynaps
 !quote 191 “How about we just blow it up and wash it out with a lens flare, WOAH there’s even a green one!” -Psynaps
 !quote 192 “I’m going to put this hoj in his butt… *fart noise* … got it!” -Psynaps
 !quote 193 “If at first you don’t succeed, BURN IT WITH FIRE. Or try again.” -psynaps
 !quote 194 “it’s coming out, i’ve almost got it… GOT IT! wow i’ve been working on that fucker all night.” -Psynaps
 !quote 195 “I get a little tingly in my butt.” -Psynaps
 !quote 196 “I get a boner every time I reach 1000 viewers!” -Psynaps
 !quote 197 “True story.. It’s like an angry boner… Every time I hit 1000 it’s like HIIIIIIYEEEAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” -Psynaps
 !quote 198 “We hope you are happy with your purchase… fuck that, give me my boat!” -Psynaps
 !quote 199 “we’ve also gotta find some hookers… to run over of course, not to make out with, that’d be gross.” -Psynaps
 !quote 200 “i think they are flopping around a bit” -Psynaps
 !quote 201 “I don’t even know how to use this thing to play games cause I suck at games.. but at least I can keybind my OBS scenes.. ;D” -Psynaps
 !quote 202 “You see this little thing right here? WTF IS THAT.” -Psynaps
 !quote 203 “If I find someone who DDOS’s… I’m gonna find them… AND SHIT ON THEIR FACE” -Psynaps
 !quote 204 “If you’ve never discovered the Taco, then you don’t know you’re living in HELL!” -Psynaps
 !quote 205 “If you don’t have shit keybound to your dick, then you’re not trying hard enough” -Psynaps
 !quote 206 “I was about to shoot his asshole out and then he just turns around and knife’s me!” -Psynaps
 !quote 207 “Randy Savage! 596!!! wait a minute *thinks for a second* he’s not geared *removes*” -Psynaps
 !quote 208 “getting fisted, watch out for my bum! My bum!”” -“i’m
 !quote 209 “he hit me with some green spermies… they were yucky” -Psynaps
 !quote 210 “I’m looking for some bong-rip shit!” -psynaps
 !quote 211 “He likes to punch his nuts on the keyboard.” -Psynaps
 !quote 212 “I want this video to be a total MINDFUCK for those of you who smoke… just take a couple bong rips and zone out.” -Psynaps
 !quote 213 “Don’t lie, You like it when I smash it. Lets be honest here.” -Psynaps
 !quote 214 “Man, I’m fucking them” -Psynaps