Psynaps Minecraft Server – mc.psyfx.com

Server Name: Psynaps’s Minecraft Server
Server IP: mc.psyfx.com
Server version
: 1.13.2
Server modes: Survival, Creative, and others!
Server Hosted by: Self hosted on a super powerful cloud server

Tweet me at @psynapsfx if you have questions or want me to join!

How can I get build permissions?

Twitch Subscribers and Hall of Fame Members get the highest ranks on survival and creative modes. More perks are always added from them too! Subs just ask me or a Mod to unleash your powers!!!

If you want to build, ask me (Psynaps) or mods on the server. Talk to Psynaps or other moderators if you have questions!


See the maps here: http://mc.psyfx.com


1.) Don’t build on or break other peoples stuff… ever! (no griefing….or trolling)
2.) Build away from others. The world is huge. No one wants to see your house in the way of their beautiful mountain view (even though the mountain is made of blocks)!

If you can’t agree to the rules, don’t connect because we will put you in jail…FOREVER (actually 9 years is as high as the jail addon goes lol).

Commands and Permissions

Game commands here.


Hall of Fame

All the permissions from groups below (eg Subscriber, Builder, default, etc)

<this list under construction>


All the permissions from groups below too (eg Builder, default, etc)

/warp – Warps you to a pre-set location. example: /warp lobby
/tp – teleport to another player
/pet – rock a personal pet that follows you – /pet cow (make you a cow) /pet name (new pet name) /pet hide  /pet show /pet menu
/d – Disguise as a mob – /d cow (become a cow) – /und to undisguise
/time set – set the time in creative
/hat access to the /hat command.
/kit tools – Spawn a predefined kit.


/nick – Change your display name. /nick [player] <nick|off>
/land claim  – Claim the chunk you are standing in.  To unclaim, type /unclaim in the area you claimed. Amount you get is based on rank.
/land map – Toggle the land map display.
/sethome – Sets your home location. You can set multiple homes this way! /sethome [name]
/getpos – Displays your current coordinate location in the world.
/tpa – Request to teleport to another player

Default (starting player)

/help – 🙂