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OPseat Gaming Chair Review, Unboxing, and Spinning with Psynaps

I want to give a huge shoutout to OPseat for helping me improve my gaming chair. This chair has definitely made my gaming and streaming experience more comfortable, especially on my lower back. This gaming chair makes my studio look more sleek, and the color (grey) works nicely with the green screen. It is definitely the best gaming chair I have ever had. Cheers!

Hi whats up guys, Psynaps here! In this video I’m going to do a review and an unboxing of my new Opseat. Let’s face it when you’re playing video games for so many hours and you’re live streaming for so many hours, having a nice chair makes a huge difference. Already, my back feels so much better! Before we get to the unboxing, i’ll tell you a few things that I really like about the chair. This is completely my opinion, one of my favorite features of the chair is the adjustable paddle arm rests. Everyones desk is a little different so it really helps when you can lift and lower the arm rest so that it fits just right with your keyboard, mouse, and your desk. The adjustable back angle is pretty cool so you can get the right angle and who knows maybe you want to take a nap in this gaming chair. I haven’t tried to take a nap in this chair but it’s nice knowing that I could if I wanted to. The seat height is also adjustable. That lumbar support pillow has made all the difference in the world. I hope you enjoy the video as always if you enjoyed it! Please subscribe to the channel, please give it a like, and let me know in the comments what you think! Good luck, and have fun!

My Chair

opSEAT Master Series – Grey Gaming Chair

Music by Monstercat
Marshmello – Alone [Monstercat Release] Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions – Checkpoint [Monstercat Release]


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