Procedural C4D Topography by Psynaps (Project file Download)


Download the C4D Template project file below (Members and Twitch Subs).

I took images from viewers on the Adobe channel LIVE,  and applied this procedural method to them. Using 3D cameras and a few tricks like water and lighting, the transformation of these images can look really abstract and intriguing.  As always, you can watch me make these LIVE on my Twitch channel. For more details on this project, see my YouTube video.

Also check out the previous post I did using this method, here.


Cinema 4D (3D scene)
Adobe After Effects (Color Correction and Export)

City Ally

The following images were generated from this city ally image submitted by a viewer of the live stream.

v05-hq0001 procedural_topo_psynaps_v04-hq0001

Evil Psynaps

This image was created on the Adobe stream by EchoSith and I. He did the vector art, and I did the 3D carve.


Hamburger Man

This image was submitted by BloodThirstyCheeseBurger. I called it Hamburger Man lol.


Reinvigoration Sequence Initiated

This original artwork was submitted by draws_with_kitties.

v05_draws_with_kitties-2-gi-hq0001 v05_draws_with_kitties-hq0001 procedural_topo_psynaps_v04

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Download the project file below.

The download contains a C4D R16 project file.

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