Psynaps Draws Stuff on Twitter Dec 2015

While streaming on Twitch (, I decided to take some photos. In my defense, I was testing my camera tethered with remote flash… then this happened!

Original Tweet:

Of course I expected anything could happen, yet I was surprised at the result.

Some of my core viewers were feeling creative, which turned out to be a lot of fun!

Thanks to all that participated! Cheers!

See more pictures from viewers on the Psynaps Stream below!

Original Image sent to viewers:


Viewer Images:

quest_raiderz-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 RichiBjornen-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 ShihiroPriest-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 Wogeln-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 ZmaychekWoW-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 Ayonne_KingYolo-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 Ayonne_KingYolo-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015-2 Heyitsaddy2015-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 Naxlion-fergsummer-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 Naxlion-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015 omgitshauru-psynaps-draws-stuff-dec-2015


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