Psynaps Guillotine WoW Cinematic for Twitch

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The guillotine cinematic originally conceptualized and intended to be presented as a Twitch stream cut-scene that would be used to scold Twitch chat trolls in real time (should the spontaneous moment arise). Although internet trolls are extremely rare in my stream, I thought I would have a little present for them on standby. Little did I know non-trolls would now want to become trolls so they could trigger the cinematic. This cinematic has a far darker theme than my normal work, but it was interesting to explore that genre. Once the guillotine was conceptualized, everything started falling into place. Gilneas (near Silverpine Forest on the continent of Lordaeron, also the starting zone for Worgen) was chosen because of its Victorian architecture and feel. Interestingly, you can find guillotines and other mysterious torture devices in Gilneas , which were placed there by the developers (see images below). The Lich King was chosen to be the executioner after a lengthy search and discussion on the live stream. He seems to fit the role, but I still ponder if we could have found a equal or better character. As for the troll who is without a head, it should be no surprise why he was chosen.

Software Used

WoW Model Viewer (WMV) – Extract WoW models, Lich King
World of Warcraft – To capture panoramic photos of Gilneas
Cinema 4D (C4D) – 3D modeling and scene creation
Adobe After Effects – Compositing and color correction for the 3D scenes
Adobe Premiere – Editing the scenes
Adobe Audition – Audio composition and mastering

Guillotine model by:

Download the Cinematic Soundtrack (mixed by Psynaps)

DL (1.3MB, 192kbps): Psynaps_Guillotine_Twitch_Audio_mixdown.mp3

Images from Cinematic


Screenshots from Editing

2016-06-09_19-17-26 2016-06-09_19-17-10 2016-06-09_19-16-41 2016-06-09_19-15-13

Gilneas Panoramic used for HDRi Background


Original Guillotine found in Gilneas


Images of 3D before Color Correction

Guillotine6 Guillotine5 Guillotine4 Guillotine3 Guillotine2 Guillotine1 Guillotine11_C4D_Lich_Psynaps Guillotine10 Guillotine9 Guillotine8 Guillotine7


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