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Psynaps IRL Backpack Montage 2018.

Celebrating 2018 by making a montage for the IRL community. It is an honor to work with some of the greatest creators in the world. Each of these creators has used the Psynaps Cloud Servers to bring their stream to you. Thank you guys for the opportunity.

This year has been an amazing journey. It started with Gunrun Backpacks, and ended with so much content, it would be impossible to cover it in a short video.

IRL streaming has changed so many lives around the world, including my own. Lets have a toast to 2018, and another to welcome 2019. Let this year be even bigger than the last!

Each video clip in this montage was streamed using a personalized Psynaps Cloud Stream Server. You can get one here:


Thanks to MedtraxxOfficial for the audio re-master and methods on the soundtrack:

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