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Psynaps IRL Backpack

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Psynaps IRL Backpack


Introduction to Mobile Streaming

Mobile live streaming on Twitch has been popularized by the launch of Twitch IRL. Twitch IRL goes beyond video games, and gives content creators the opportunity to interact with their community while doing anything, including mobile streaming from anywhere in the world. The popularity of Twitch IRL has been exploding, and content creators are seeking technology which allows them to create content on the go!

A Backpack for IRL Streaming

This is light version of the IRL Backpack. It is not meant to compete with high-end backpacks. The purpose is to be inexpensive yet powerful, making it increasingly available to a larger number of IRL streamers. Its core function is to provide 720p60 quality video with a single data connection, either from a LTE 4G modem (for outdoor IRL), or a WiFi access point (for indoor/outdoor IRL). Many cameras are capable of 1080p60, but this requires data rates that can be difficult for the streamer and the viewer to maintain. Thus, 720p60 is the most popular format for IRL streaming which looks amazingly smooth, is far easier to encode for the broadcaster, and more available to watch for the viewer. This build will focus on that 720p60 smoothness that IRL streamers are shooting for.

The Cost

High-end (and more feature rich) Backpacks can cost nearly $2000, but this rig will cost between $400-$650 depending on which HDMI action cam you chose. The cost doesn’t include the optional 4G LTE data plan. This build will work over WiFi, so 4G data is optional.

IRL Backpack Equipment (Psynaps Version)

Here is the equipment that is tested and working for a indoor and outdoor streaming IRL Backpack:

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