Psynaps Stream Music Playlist – Best Twitch Playlist

I am creating the most epic best twitch playlist in the universe. I will keep a periodically updated DeepBot YouTube Song Request playlist on this page, so feel free to bookmark it for updates. BTW, you don’t need DeepBot to see the playlist. The song names and YouTube links are visible in the file, giving you access to the best music playlist for twitch streams.

About the Playlist

I decided to use Deepbot to manage song request on my stream because it stores the songs in a file. This is awesome because we can maintain the best stream playlist ever!

Add to the playlist

When you use !songrequest on the stream, your entries are added to the database. Please request the most EPIC music for streaming so we can create the best streaming playlist EVER!

Opening the Playlist

In Deepbot: Click Load Offline Playlist in the Music tab.

In Excel: The playlist is in csv format. To open it, use Excel and separate columns by comma.

Download the Best streaming playlist HERE:

This download is available to stream subscribers and website members, just login using Twitch. I am thankful to each of you for the epic support!

[Download not found]


Please keep this elite playlist for Psy subs/members only. Together to the TOP!

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