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Download “PsyNet Crypto Miner” – Downloaded 1502 times –

What is it?

You can mine with us right now! This is a project to educate my viewers, friends, and community about cryptocurrency. To make it easy, I created a Ethminer GUI that is a simple, one-click , Ether Coin Miner. With the click of a button, you are using your AMD or Nvidia GPU to mine Ether, which can be converted into cash or other cryptocurrency like bitcoin. The more people that mine together on the pool, the faster we all get coins. Each person gets all the coins they mine!

How Much $ Do You Make?

Depends on how much you mine and market value of etherium. Here is a Etherium Mining Calculator to see how much you will make. This calculator has been very accurate for us so far.

Installing the Miner

UPDATE: LIVE 01-2018

1.) Get a Wallet: If you don’t have a Ethereum Wallet address, get one from or use a software wallet like JAXX.
2.) Download the newest version (02-04-2018, v0.0.9):
 Copy the “PsyNet_CryptoMiner” Folder to your drive, for example at the root of C: (eg. C:/PsyNet_CryptoMiner).
3.) Run “PsyNet-Crypto-Miner“. There is a NVIDIA and AMD version currently. Select the one that matches your GPU. If the NVIDIA one doesn’t start mining, try the AMD one.

4.) Enter YOUR Ethereum Address in the “Eth Addr” box.
The “Username” is optional.
5.) Click the button “Start Mining” (see Notes below before running).

Troubleshooting: If the black window doesn’t stay open (or the miner doesn’t mine), try the AMD version even if you have an NVIDIA card (it uses OpenCL).

5.) See your progress on my Ethermin pool:
Your “Worker” number can be found at the bottom if the pool status page. It takes about 15-20 minutes after you start mining to show up on that page.

– Make sure you monitor your GPU temperatures. The good news is, if you have a well build PC and play games often for hours, there is a good chance your GPU can handle mining. My GPU gets to about 70C while mining. If you get above 80C, you may be running too hot. Use hwmonitor to monitor your temps! Also, MSI Afterburner is great for controlling your FAN speeds (and clocking your GPU).
– I noticed some AMD cards wouldn’t run by default, let me know if that happens to you, I will have an update for you.
– This tool mines to my Eth address on the Ethermine Pool.

If you like this tool, let me know! You can also help the making of this content by supporting this site (and/or the live stream) directly!
ETH: 0xe414189D6B1B9C1C22daA7836d058ECCbE2e2C5A
BTC: 18y12dd4EmCccGY6n8yi8Vdno1d3wYvWKP


What’s the Purpose?

The purpose of this project was to educate the community about crypto coins by collecting Ethereum (ETH) that I could giveaway to viewers on the live stream. My goal has long been to innovate streaming techniques, technology, and content on Twitch and YouTube. We are still mining, join us (see the download and screenshots below)!

Making History on Twitch… Again

Now we have made history on Twitch again. This time, we gathered Twitch viewers who already happen to have some of the most powerful GPUs on the market. Within moments of introducing this program to viewers on the live stream, we were mining hundreds of MH/s on an ether pool. It was a huge learning experience to see a pool payout within a few hours. UPDATE: After running this project for many months, we gave out thousands of dollars with of crypto coins to those who mined them. In addition to successfully generating a tremendous amount of coins. However, the biggest accomplishment was getting people to make their crypto wallets for the first time and for many, receive their first coins!

How High Can We Go?

The PsyNet pool can scale to  any number of miners. If you are a expert with a pro-level ethereum mining rigs or a first time miner with a gaming PC, join the team!

Other Pools?

After running this project for many months, we found out that the PsyNet pool is faster than any other pool. It became apparent, it is because of the way we combine the power of our GPUs and work together. That means we get coin payouts faster than you could if you mined solo, or solo with another pool. After trying many different mining techniques, PsyNet miners are convinced this is the fastest way to mine coins, period. It feels better, especially for first time miners, to quickly see the fruits of your work.


It would be amazing to integrate crytocurrency, along with its rapidly developing technology, into our Twitch streams! You can support the stream by mining with us. Miners can donate their coins to the stream (so we can do crypto giveaways), or I can send you the coins you mined after payouts. Additionally, I am looking for ways to collect coins so we can give them away during the stream. If you would like to help, message me here, on Twitch, or any of my social media. Cheers!




Also, this site accepts bitcoins. For more info, see the FAQ here: We Accept Bitcoin at Psynaptic Media


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