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PsynapticMedia now has an IRC chat server! This server allows PsyNet Live Stream software framework to communicate over the cloud, and it also makes a great private chat system for our Twitch and gaming community!

Server Info: #Main

PsyNet IRC Chat Program

Here is a downloadable, and completely portable, IRC client for the PsyNet IRC private chat server. This client download includes a compiled app for Windows, along with the AutoHotKey (AHK) source code.

What it Does

This chat program will instantly connect you to the PsyNet IRC private chat server by default, but you can use it to connect to any IRC server of your choice. Basically, this is a quick and simple IRC client for Windows.  Less than 1MB, and uses very little memory, takes up almost no resources to run. It contains a settings file where you can define your login and server parameters. There is no SSL, yet. I would love to work with someone who knows how to get SSL or TLS implemented in AHK!


  • Functional (and fully portable) IRC client.
  • Defaults in #Main channel. This is the main channel for the Psynaps Stream Community.
  • Type /join #Twitch to see the Twitch chat from the Psynaps Stream.
  • Try the Encryped version, and chat in AES/SHA2 encoded messages!

Encrypted vs. Non-Encrypted Version

Windows has powerful encryption libraries built-in. It turns out to be a lot of fun to send encrypted messages over IRC, which can only be decoded by other chatters using the same password key. Try it for yourself! To use, configure the settings file, and set a password in the text file, and connect to IRC like normal using the client. Everyone who uses the same password will be able to decode the messages.


The world of cryptology is skeptical and very “tough” on how secure a tool like this might be. Lets punch holes in it so we can determine the best-use scenario for a tool like this. As it seems, you can’t read the messages without the key. That is awesome and fun! Keep in mind the client doesn’t connect using SSL, so the encrypted messages could be intercepted (but unlikely decoded without the key) 😀 :D.

Where it Comes From

This chat client is based on the MyRC and LoneIRC AHK IRC frameworks. The encryption is based on Crypt.


The download includes a compiled app for Windows, along with the AutoHotKey (AHK) source code.

Download “PsyNet IRC” – Downloaded 1704 times – 837 KB

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