Custom 3D Text Wallpaper: Bullet


Custom 3D Text Wallpaper: Bullet in 4k resolution (by Psynaps)

Custom 3D Text Background Desktop Wallpaper in 4K resolution with YOUR NAME

Twitch Subscribers and Website Members get a 5$ discount, access to members content and sub-only stream!

Let me know if you have any questions.


This scene was built while making the Sodapoppin intro. See more from the project here:

The image is customized with your name in 3D in 4K resolution for UHD Monitors. It looks very crisp on 1080 HD monitors too! This is a great image to set as your background desktop wallpaper.

Don’t forget to tell me what NAME you would like on the intro.

What You Get

This Background in 4K resolution with YOUR name.  It can be used as a desktop wallpaper, YouTube banner, Twitch offline image, and more. It it high resolution so there are a lot of pixels to work with.

What I need from you

Your name! Let me know what name you want in this background!


It takes about 2-3 days (they take 1-2 days just to render) for delivery. I will send you a link to download your high quality image.

Contact me if you have questions.



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