Psynaps Super Stream System “Cloud Edition”

$14.99 for each 1 month


Psynaps Super Stream System “Cloud Edition”

Get the technology you need to grow your stream. Use your mobile device (smartphone) to stream to OBS, and mobile stream from anywhere!

What the PSSS and RTMP?

More information about the Psynaps Super Stream System and the power of RTMP servers can be found here:
Example of how Psynaps (partnered streamer 4 years) uses this daily:

2-Day Trial

Get a 2-Day Trial here. You can be 100% certain this will work for you by launching your own RTMP server. Contact me, anytime if you have questions!

Main Features

– Pre-Configured RTMP Server. This is a fully customizable RTMP server that has been used by Twitch streamers for years. It can be used on any RTMP supporting platforms, including YouTube. This personal RTMP server can handle many streams simultaneously.
– Mobile Streaming. This is the perfect solution for mobile streaming. Take your viewers with you anywhere. You can stream to the server with your mobile device, and pull the mobile stream into OBS (using a video source), allowing you to keep your mobile stream “always-on” even if your mobile drops signal. No need to stop your stream when switching from mobile, back to desktop. Most importantly, you can use OBS’s powerful overlay capability while you mobile stream. Keep your alerts, overlays, and scenes. NOTE: For auto-brb,bitrate detection, remote control by web, and for the Gunrun Backpack users, use the “Cloud OBS Servers” on This system does NOT have the IRL backpack features listed on
– Private Stream. Stream to your own server, which only you and a select group of people know about. This feature is most often used as subscriber-only stream. Sometimes you don’t want to stream to a public platform, keep it private and exclusive.
– Multi-platform Streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube, and/or other platforms simultaneously. This is often called the stream “bounce”, where the server bounces the stream out to one or more platforms. This is the solution to bandwidth if you don’t have the bandwidth at home to stream to multiple platforms at the same time.
– Improved Normal Stream. Users have used the “Cloud Edition” to improve their stream connection to twitch servers. If you are losing packets to the Twitch ingest servers, the custom RTMP server may help you make a stronger, more direct connection to Twitch Servers.
– Many more possibilities!

– See more info here:

This package contains

– A personal (and private) RTMP server on the cloud (shared with no-one but you) located at a powerful datacenter next to Twitch headquarters. Server locations anywhere in the world can be requested.
– Web Control Panel allowing you to modify the RTMP server settings.  You can design your server to meet your needs.
– A detailed “Startup Guide” with screenshots on how to stream to the server using OBS and/or mobile device. Working mobile stream settings and examples.
– You will get an email within seconds after purchase. The email contains your server IP, control panel login/password, and instructions on how to use it.

How soon can I use the server?

Almost instantly. You will get an email with the server details. Check your Email right away after purchase (also check your spam folder because the email contains links to your server). Servers take a few minutes to build (2-5 min), and your new server will start building immediately upon your subscription.  Contact me if you have any issues or have questions!

Can I customize the server?

A web portal system is available with the ability to custom configure the server. You can also contact me to help you design the perfect server for your stream. I also offer one-on-one consults where we work together (using voice), test your settings and configurations in real-time, and discuss methods for improving your stream (or your choice). For maximum customization, consider using the downloadable version of the Psynaps Super Stream System which runs on your local network.


Contact Psynaps here or anytime on on the Live stream. Cheers!


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