Psynaps Super Stream System Software Download


Psynaps Super Stream System Software Download

Twitch Subscribers and Website Members get a 5$ discount, access to members content and sub-only stream!

More information about the Psynaps Super Stream System can be found here:
Example of how Psynaps (partnered streamer 4 years) uses this daily:

This software package contains

– The Psynaps Super Stream System for Windows (fully portable nginx + RTMP server software)
– The Psynaps Super Stream System Linux VM for Windows (nginx + RTMP server software, supporting ffmpeg transcoding)
– Guides on how to install and configure the Psynaps Super Stream System.
– Guides on how to configure OBS to use the Psynaps Super Stream System.
– Examples of exactly how Psynaps uses the system to stream to Twitch, with a walk through of settings.
– Examples of how to stream to multiple platforms at the same time (Twitch + Youtube and more)

Why use this system?

This system replaces the need for a capture card, and costs no more than the price of a game. The whole idea is to save money, and increase quality. The saving increases for every computer you add to the system, because that is one less capture card you need to bring all the video/audio/webcam feeds together. Imagine the cost of capture cards, mixing boards, and cabling for a gaming house? In a gaming house or eSports scenario, one would save hundreds or thousands. This also replaces the need for audio cables and complex audio mixing because you can also stream audio sources directly to the system. For example, The Psynaps stream uses a third computer that streams music to the Super Stream System.

This system can be used for

– Dual-PC Stream (for high-performance streaming, no capture card required)
– Multiplatform Stream (Twitch and YouTube simultaneously)
– Mobile Streaming (Take your viewers with you anywhere)
– Streaming House and Multiple Streamers (Lan party or multiple streamers simultaneously)
– eSports (Multiple Player feeds to one computer)
-24-hour stream
– Many more possibilities!
– See more info here:


Purchasing this software supports the Psynaps Live stream directly, and supports the development of content and future stream systems! Thank you for your support!
Upon payment, you have access to two downloads:
1. Psynaps Super Stream System for Windows v2.0 (72MB)
2. Psynaps Super Stream System VM v2.0 (1.6GB)

Let me know if you have questions or problems downloading, contact Psynaps here or anytime on on the Live stream. Cheers!

We accept Bitcoin for the Psynaps Super Stream System. Read the FAQ.


Mobile Stream Demo:


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