PvP Multiboxing 8x Hunters and 4x Shamans in AV 1080

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Psynaps followed these multiboxers during Alteric Valley weekend, along with Rekak and Jackfrostyy. Needless to say it was COMPLETE ownage.

8x Hunters
4x Shamans
Epic DPS? Yea like mad hacks!

Editing Methods:
FRAPS (video capture)
Adobe After Effects CS5 (video editing)
Twixtor for AE (Slow-motion and time remapping)
Twitch for AE (jitter, distortion, and flashes)
Trapcode Particular for AE (particles at 2:15)
Handbreak (video compression H.264 for web)

I found the Shamans YouTube channel here:

See more at

KillaGraham – Drop It
Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex – My Pink Reptile Party

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