Quads in Space: Epic BF4 Ramp Montage

Battlefield 4 BF4 Montage. I was spectating Hauru87 while he ramped like a champion. Shoutout to Stephen Walking (Monstercat) for jamming out with us on the stream while editing this quick ramptage!

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Just ask yourself, where you when you heard “Dads in space” for the first time? I was on a BOAT..in BF4 owning noobs. I will never forget.
About this video:
Hanging out with friends LIVE while capturing and editing this.
For some reason, I can’t NOT dance while listening to this song. Goes perfect while owning noobs in game.

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Stephen Walking – Dads In Space [Monstercat Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra2E_mjQMvg

Epic Quad Ramping Specialist:

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