Rigged WoW Character Skeletons for Animations and Machinima

[jwplayer file=http://storage.psynapticmedia.com/web/video/About_rigged_skeletons-small.mp4]

About the skeletons

They are fully rigged and animated. You can finally enjoy the animations found in WoW.

UPDATE: (7-20-15)

The newest version of WoW Model Viewer (v080 beta9) can export FBX, which contain the animations. It was a little glitchy when I tried it, but I was able to get single animations to work in C4D.

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[Download not found]

ALL the skeletons:

[Download not found] [Download not found]

Previous Tutorial

This shows how to rig a character (.obj) with a skeleton. I also show how to use weights to properly map the skeleton to the model.

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