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Saber Energy Intro by Psynaps – Behind the Scenes (C4D AE Tutorial)

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Saber Energy Intro by Psynaps – Behind the Scenes (C4D AE Tutorial)

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About this intro:
I made this intro while streaming on Twitch. Most was done on the Adobe Channel. Andrew Kramer (VideoCopilot) came to hang out with the chat and watch some of it, which was REALLY cool.

The technical challenge here is to get the saber effect to hug the inside lip of the 3D C4D Font CAP. I found a way to automate the creation of a mask path so NO manual masking is needed. This will SIGNIFICANTLY speed up the process if one ever needs to change the text. I will add a tut soon! Let me know your thoughts!

Font by CreativeGrenade: pixelzombies.com/product/raleigh-font/

The SABER plugin can be downloaded FREE on VideoCopilot’s website!


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