SkyDoesMinecraft SINGS Hallelujah w Sodapoppin, JeromeASF, SSundee, HuskyMUDKIPZ, WoWHobbs

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SkyDoesMinecraft sings Hallelujah LIVE w Sodapoppin, JeromeASF, SSundee, HuskyMUDKIPZ, WoWHobbs –

This was recorded during the Live Stream Gamers United Event.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comments guys!!! This event was sooo much fun, and I got to meet the most awesome Minecraft players…YOU guys! Thanks to the Pros that lead the event, and thanks to all of the live stream, minecraft, and WoW participants for making so much fun. We (all of us) raised well over the10,000$ goal for the children’s hospital charity.

SkyDoesMinecraft has an awesome voice, great job man! Check his his youtube channel here:

Sodapoppin‎ on Twitch:

Thanks to Doug, Sky, and the group for inviting me to play Minecraft!

See more YouTubers during the event!
Such as EGazael, bajheera, Psynaps, and more !!!!

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