“IRL Cloud Streaming Server” is available now!

This is the Psynaps Cloud OBS Streaming Server system which is currently the standard for IRL streaming. The main website is at www.SuperStreamSystem.com where you can read more about how this system has shaped IRL/Outdoor streaming on every major streaming platform and has become the largest and most popular provider for streamers since the start of IRL streaming outdoors. It is most commonly used with the Gunrun IRL Backpack which includes a LiveU bonding system, but can be used with any common stream device including a smartphone and devices supporting RTMP and SRT. This turn-key system uses anti-RIP technology, overlays, and remote control to provide the highest quality IRL streams in Twitch and YouTube history.

Before IRL streaming was a thing, the first IRL streamers were trying to figure out how to share their story with viewers while outdoors. Once streamers discovered the best combination of hardware for the job (the Gunrun IRL Backback for example), they realized they still need a way to further enhance their stream with overlays and control it remotely. Meanwhile, traditional (non-IRL) desktop/studio streamers already had all the most powerful stream tools at their fingertips. One of the original goals of the Psynaps Cloud OBS Servers was to bring the power and flexibility of desktop/studio streaming to the outdoor IRL streamer, no matter where they are in the world. That goal has been the foundation of the system as it has continued to evolve over the years.

The Psynaps Cloud Streaming Server includes a personal stream machine in the cloud that is fully supported, optimized, standardized for outdoor/IRL streaming. Although the system comes per-configured with all the scenes and features you need to go live, you can customize your stream further with full access to your personal cloud streaming system to customize your scenes, overlays, web sources, and media so you can design your stream the way you want. This technology fully encodes your stream in the cloud (eliminating the need for a PC). All of our stream servers are optimized, down to the model and location of the servers themselves, for maximum performance and reliability when used with a LiveU encoder. However, they will work with any RTMP capable stream device (including phones).

Custom overlays are critical for live streams, whether you stream as a hobbyist or run a professional level live production. Streamers often use web based alerts (such as Streamlabs, StreamElements, or others) to interact with your viewers, media such images/videos/branding, or lower thirds to personalize their production. The Psynaps Cloud OBS Stream Servers support all common media types, including images, videos, and dynamic web based overlays.

One of the most critical features of the system is the auto-BRB, also called anti-RIP or anti-F (anti-fail). Psynaps is the original inventor of this technology which is now used by most LiveU/backpack IRL streamers and it is landmark feature of the IRL Cloud Stream Servers. In the early days of IRL streaming, outdoor streamers needed a way to deal with outdoor conditions, which includes dropped data connections and variable signal strength. Since Outdoor/IRL streamers are mobile, lost signal or bad signal is common in some areas (think elevators, underground parking or subways, moving between cell towers, etc). The focus of the Psynaps IRL stream system has been to monitor the stream and automatically adjust to changing conditions, so the stream never goes offline, and the streamer can continue to deliver content to viewers even if the data signal is lost. If the LiveU/backpack or mobile device goes offline, the stream stays online and dynamically switches scenes while it monitors for the LiveU/backpack or mobile device to reestablish signal!

Another key feature is remote control.  The Psynaps Cloud Streaming Server gives the streamer the ability to use their phone (or any browser capable device) to control the system. Remote control includes turning the stream on/off, switching between any number of scenes, and controlling many functions that are important for streamers on-the-go.

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Main Features:

  • Includes a powerful Cloud OBS Server that is dedicated to your IRL stream.
  • Includes pre-configured OBS Server system, ready for your backpack RTMP, SRT, or SRTLA feed.
  • Includes anti-RIP technology (patent pending) that prevents your stream from going offline.
  • Login to your Stream Server with full remote desktop access to the stream server and streaming software.
  • Bring your own custom videos/overlays for the BRB screen. Setup Server initially, and fully controlled via web thereafter.
  • Server designed, configured, and tested for smooth 720p,1080p or 4K IRL streams at 60fps. Ask Psynaps about the new Nvidia RTX 1080p/4K servers.
  • Includes a personal pre-configured RTMP/SRT ingest server with customized stream URLs and unique IPs for your stream only.
  • Includes a Web Control Dashboard for remote control. Start/Stop stream, and switch scenes using any browser (it’s like a streamdeck from your phone).
  • Change your stream key and browser overlay from the Web Control Panel (great for multiple users).
  • “Bitrate Detection” system to detect low-bitrates and data drops.
  • “Auto Scene Switch” (often called “Auto BRB”) when low bitrates are detected. When bitrate returns, scene switches back to your IRL video source.
  • “Dropped Frame” detection to recover from bad packets and dropped frames due to changing wireless conditions outdoors.
  • Your stream URLs and all info will be sent to you upon server setup.
  • Your server always has a unique public IP, shared with no one else.
  • Will work with any RTMP based platform (including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, etc).
  • Will work with any RTMP/SRT capable mobile device (including LiveU, IRL Backpack, mobile phone, or custom encoder)
  • Will work with any SRT/SRTLA capable devices such as LiveU, Larix Mobile app, IRLpro, OBS. SRT + HEVC is fully supported on the “GPU” machines.
  • 4K/1080p Server comes with a dedicated enterprise (unlocked) Nvidia RTX GPU for the highest quality streams on the cloud.
  • Simulcasting (multi-platform restreaming) is supported. Simulcast to Twitch, TikTok, Instagram Live (and more) is supported.
  • Optional Addon: Top Clips Player. Play your top clips on your BRB screen.
  • Optional Addon: Chat Bot. Control your IRL stream using the chat, and get critical feedback on bitrates and scene changes.
  • Optional Addon: Chat Bot. Control your IRL stream using the chat, and get critical feedback on bitrates and scene changes.


RTMP “Cloud Edition” Super Stream System is available!

This is your personal, and powerful RTMP server on the cloud shared with no one but you. The Cloud Edition is different from the Psynaps IRL Cloud OBS Servers, as it does not include the “auto-BRB” technology, and it does not include the automation and remote control that is found in the IRL Stream System. For the complete turn-key solution to IRL streaming, use the Psynaps IRL Cloud OBS Servers which have become the industry standard for high quality backpack streaming on Twitch and YouTube. This “Cloud Edition” is a standalone RTMP endpoint that runs on the cloud at powerful data centers. The Psynaps Super Stream System Cloud Edition can be found on the PsyShop, and a server will be delivered to you in minutes (sometimes seconds) after purchase along with guides on how to stream to it. Contact me anytime for more info, or just try it for yourself HERE!

Psynaps Super Stream System “Cloud Edition”

RTMP Server Download

The downloadable Psynaps Super Stream System is a collection of extremely powerful streaming applications which are driven by a server platform used by the most sophisticated cloud servers in the internet (e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and other major cloud server systems). The Psynaps Super Stream System can run on virtually any computer, cross platform,  and takes up very little resources. This system is configured, maintained, and used daily by Psynaps, who is a partnered Twitch streamer for 6+ years.  The Psynaps Super Stream System is currently available for download here. The purpose of the Super Stream System is to raise the quality and improve the delivery of online video content and live streaming for the entire streaming community. This system is not just for pro streamers and eSports organizations, it is designed to meet the budget of the casual streamer as well! If you believe in raising the bar of quality for casual and professional streaming, get ready to Start Streaming.

The recommended best-use scenario for the downloadable server is for dual-PC or multi-source streams on your local LAN, but can be used for many other applications such as those discussed below.

Although the downloadable Super Stream System can be used for IRL streaming, it’s important you understand it does not include the “auto-BRB” technology, and it does not include the automation and remote control that is found in the IRL Stream System. For the complete turn-key solution to IRL streaming, use the Psynaps IRL Cloud OBS Servers which have become the industry standard for high quality backpack streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

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Main Features:

  • Dual-PC Stream (for high-performance streaming, no capture card required)
  • Multi-PC Stream (add special sources to your stream like cameras, music, or other)
  • Multiplatform Stream (Twitch, YouTube, and more platforms  simultaneously)
  • Mobile Streaming (Take your viewers with you anywhere)
  • Mobile Streaming to your OBS at home (keep your overlays and alerts while you mobile stream)
  • Streaming House and Multiple Streamers (Lan party or multiple streamers simultaneously)
  • eSports (Multiple Player feeds to one computer)
  • 24-hour stream
  • Powerful pre-optimized RTMP server that “just works” and is “set it and forget it”
  • Many more possibilities!

Download this Software Here

Psynaps Super Stream System Software Download



Dual-PC Streaming

For High-Performance Streaming

Dual-PC Stream for High-Performance Streaming

  • No capture card needed (save hundreds $)
  • No additional audio equipment or cables needed (save hundreds $)
  • Reduced CPU usage on your gaming computer
  • More FPS in games
  • More GPU utilization
  • Higher stream frame-rate, e.g. 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps.

A dual-PC streaming system results in a higher quality stream because the second computer can use more resources to encode the stream. This also allows you to take advantage of high bitrate GPU encoding on the gaming computer, increasing FPS further by reducing the workload on your gaming CPU. The popularity of dual-PC streaming is rising as streamers want to increase the quality of their stream, but it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in hardware, and become extremely complex. Dual-PC streaming hardware, such as capture cards, can also limit your framerate and resolution on your high-performance monitor. Thus, the Psynaps Super Stream System is used by many streamers to save money and solve hardware limitations.



Psynaps Super Streaming Mode

Combine ALL the powers of the Super Streaming System for the most epic stream in the Universe!

Psynaps Super Stream Mode

  • Dual-PC
  • Music Stream
  • Mobile Stream
  • Multi-Platform Streaming (Twitch, YouTube, etc)
  • Higher stream frame-rate, e.g. 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps.
  • Private Streaming options
  • Multi-computer streaming (for dual streams or DJ streams)

Combine the Dual-PC streaming setup with a Music Stream, on-the-fly mobile stream, and ALL the powers of the Super Stream System for the most epic stream in the Universe! Make the most of of this powerful system by combining it’s powers to generate a unique stream, like no one else on Twitch. For example on the Psynaps stream, multiple computers and devices (mobile) are used simultaneously both inside and outside of the studio, to create an enriched experience for the viewers.



Multi-platform Streaming

Stream to Twitch, YouTube, and more simultaneously!

Multi-Platform Streaming

  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Hitbox
  • Facebook
  • RTMP
  • more

Stream any RTMP platform, or stream to them ALL simultaneously! This is similar to Restream, and there are no limits to how many platforms you stream to, and no limits to how many sources you use.



Mobile Streaming

Stream to your OBS from a mobile device!

Mobile Streaming

  • Stream from anywhere like the pros on Twitch IRL.
  • Stream from your phone or tablet
  • Works with a single-PC, Dual-PC, or external streaming server setup
  • Requires a streaming app on your mobile device
  • Works on wi-fi or data networks

Stream to your OBS from your mobile device. Take your viewers with you. The Psynaps Super Stream System has been mobile-ready and used for Mobile streaming on Twitch since long before the IRL category existed. Now that Twitch launched Twitch IRL, streamers are looking for ways to maximize their mobile stream. With this system, you can stream (from your phone) to your OBS at home, while using the overlays and alerts on your OBS. Using OBS at home for your mobile stream takes your mobile stream to the next level. This has been standard with the Psynaps Super Stream system long before IRL was a thing!

Although this downloadable Super Stream System can be used for IRL streaming, it’s important to note that it does not include the “auto-BRB” technology, and it does not include the automation and remote control that is found in the “Psynaps IRL Stream System”. For the complete turn-key solution to IRL streaming, use the Psynaps IRL Cloud OBS Servers which have become the industry standard for high quality backpack streaming on Twitch and YouTube.



Streaming House

Combine streams from multiple PC's into a single stream!

Streaming House

  • Multiple Computers on the LAN, no limit.
  • Dual streams (you and a partner)
  • Merge multiple Gaming House Feeds into one twitch stream.

Manage multiple low-latency RTMP feeds. There is no creative limit to how multiple streams can be combined. Many streamers have created gamer houses, or just want to dual stream with a friend/roomie. How to manage multiple streams simultaneously? One option is to bridge them all through the Psynaps Super Stream System, then use your favorite stream software such as OBS to merge the streams or switch between them.



eSports and Tournaments

Turn any computer into a eSports studio.


  • Multiple Player feeds to one computer
  • Multiple feeds can be sent from anywhere in the world to any computer.
  • Turn your computer into an eSports studio and save hundreds of thousands of dollars on studio equipment.

The glory of this system is that it is not tied to traditional audio and video feeds like HDMI cables or A/V wire. That means absolutely NO expensive and specialized broadcasting equipment needed to get a high resolution, high FPS feed from multiple computers. Not only that, but it works over the network making it possible to use inside or outside of the studio. Bar raised. The Psynaps Super Stream System has been used during World of Warcraft eSports tournaments to bring multiple player, spectator, and commentator feeds together for hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch (world first EU vs. NA RBG tournament).



More info about the Super Stream System

Download this Software Here


Contact me if you have more questions!


Hi guys, I’m Psynaps. I am a partnered pro streamer and original inventor of the auto-BRB and cloud technology that has become a standard for IRL streaming.  My quest is to improve the quality and delivery of live streaming video content for the entire streaming, IRL, pro esports, and gaming community. As a partnered Twitch streamer, I create and enjoy live video content. However there are both good and bad news for the current state of online video and streaming. The good news is that the quality of streaming and online video has become much better in the last few years. Content creators are providing video at higher resolutions and higher bitrate with the availability of faster computers and increasing internet bandwidth. Additionally, we have access to evolving technology that allows us to encode our video more efficiently. Now comes the bad news. Video encoding is more expensive than ever in terms of system resources, and the problem gets more complicated for streamers who are pushing the envelope in terms of quality and dynamic content delivery. How can we encode all the sophisticated video content in REAL TIME and maintain a representative level of quality? Well, I made many discoveries while configuring streaming servers for top tier streamers and experimenting with my own stream, and I now deliver higher FPS and quality than ever before (come see for yourself). Thus, I want to share my stream systems with the world and raise the standard of quality for live stream video!

The Problem

Despite evolving technology and video encoding software (like OBS), the viewer’s expectations for video resolution and frame rate seems to be rising just as fast. It gets more complicated for the video game streamer because nearly every steamer is also playing high performance video games while using one or more webcams, live notification alerts, live chat, live music, and a growing number of other applications and features to enhance a truly interactive viewer experience. The plot thickens for IRL streaming, where IRL streamers NEED the features and reliability of desktop streaming while they are live outdoors from all around the world. With a growing number of people who watch live streams and the rapid development of newer and more sophisticated video content, it is a technical feat for streamers to deliver the highest quality live video content that viewers expect. In addition, pro organizations (not limited to eSports) are popping up rapidly and are faced with pressure of streaming live content to tens or hundreds of thousands of viewers. However, the quality of video encoding for most (if not ALL) of these pro level events is below par compared to what many streamers are casually broadcasting every day. Pros need a more advanced solution for interfacing their studio equipment with their live streaming encoder. There is no easy solution because enterprise studio streaming equipment is VERY expensive, extremely resource heavy, and lacks the quality of live stream video encoding found in many free software solutions. In fact, kids (not being ageist, just making a point) on Twitch are currently streaming better quality game play using free software compared to what major organizations are putting out from studios with professional level video equipment. How can we stay within the streaming standards of Twitch (or other services), and boost stream quality, resolution, and FPS at the same time? See below.

The Solution

The Psynaps Super Stream System has evolved to include many products now, each designed to address a particular problem in the industry. From outdoor IRL streaming, to production quality multi-PC pr0 desktop streaming, to gaming houses and esports. The goal is to raise the quality and improve the delivery of online video content and live streaming for the entire streaming community, and make it cost effective for both the hobbyist and professional streamer as well. If you believe in this project and want to raise the bar of quality for casual and professional streaming, join me.

About Psynaps

I have been a Twtich partner for 6 years, and making online video content for about 10+ years. I am also the inventor of the auto-BRB technology used by nearly all top tier IRL streamers on Twitch and YouTube. I am the first to establish the IRL cloud streaming systems, and maintain that system that is currently used by pro streamers all over the world. I provide professional stream systems and services for streamers, but also to companies like Twitch, LiveU, and others. My personal content creation (found on my Twitch/YouTube) includes epic video editing and 3D animation, but I also create guides and tutorials to help people improve the quality of their online video and live streaming. I am not just a video content creator and streamer, I am also a neuroscience PhD. As a hobby, I love to build performance computers. I configure and maintain the professional stream systems for other professional streams as well as my own to stream content to my website members and Twitch subscribers.

Please give me feedback in the comments!


See Psynaps’s Streaming Guides here!

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