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See Swifty, Sacredheals, Mercader, Skeetz, and more pro YouTubers as they break down the changes in PTR Patch 5.1 in MoP. Psynaps shows the behind the scenes look at the video editing workflow.

The original video on Swifty’s channel:


Video Editing by Psynaps:

Machinima Intro by Teagen:

Music mixed by Ephixa:

Character Tags by Strifium:

Patch Note YouTubers:

Death Knight – Skeetz

Druid – Hotted

Druid – Idaxiongmaol

Druid – Bigmoran

Hunter – Vanns

Mage – Lothis

Monk – Zybak

Paladin – Sacredheals

Priest – Pacildene

Priest – Corbs

Rogue – Mercader

Shaman – Jonathanlol

Warlock – Toastmonster

Warrior – Swifty

See more of Dara Mactire on YouTube:


Video edited with:
Adobe After Effecs CS6
Twixtor (AE plugin)
VideoCopilot Optical Flares (AE plugin)
Cinema 4D (for 3D text)
WoW Model Viewer (Machinima)

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