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The “Lurkinator” is a MultiTwtich-like system for streamers to discover, connect, and grow.


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What is “Lurking”

The word “lurk” describes a stream viewer or community member that is watching a streamer, but not necessarily typing in chat. One might compare the act of “lurking” to how we traditionally watch our favorite TV shows. Lurkers make up a majority of Twitch viewers which include true community members (such as subscribers, donors, followers, and supporters). It is with this spirit the name “Lurkinator” originates.

Is this a lurk-4-lurk?

Absolutely not!

We have always been 100% compliant with Twitch rules, and we always will be. Since the recent update to the Twitch community guidelines and as a show of respect and good faith, we require users of Lurkinator to follow the Twitch ToS as well as our ToS. We will be working to implement changes that make sure we are compliant with Twitch’s statement on lurk-4-lurk style sites. The concept of Lurkinator was, and always will be for streamer discovery. It was never, and never will be for, F4F, L4L, or fake engagement of any kind, and we have never advertised Lurkinator as a F4F or L4L community. We take pride in Lurkinator being a discovery platform, and will never show unrelated embedded streams, or allow fake engagement. We understand the concept of lurk-4-lurk, however that is a term that was created to describe other sites, and it was unlucky for us (Lurkinator) that the term “lurk” got thrown into a negative light (such as when used in the term L4L ). See the definition of “lurking” above, and see where the name “Lurkinator” comes from. Although we do believe in working as a team to help streamers grow, we also believe in doing it in a natural and organic way that builds community the right way. Thus, we officially support the effort of real, genuine community building and this system will always be fully compliant with Twitch ToS.

Is this botting?


  1. We love Twitch and will always comply 100% with the ToS. Although botting and fake engagement may seem like a good idea for some starting streamers, we know (as do many experienced streamers) that it has never been a good way to build a real, long-lasting community. We are only interested in building real communities. Sorry robots, but no bots allowed!
  2. Every user is a real person who has chosen to watch Twitch streams as an embed, and accepts our ToS and the Twitch ToS.
  3. The definition of embedding is when developers use Twitch’s embedding feature to place a stream and/or chat on a third party website. This is a normal practice, and is very similar to multitwitch, which has been popular with the Twitch community for many years. If you want to learn more about how to embed Twitch streams, see the Twitch Developers website.

How to Discover Streamers

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your Twitch name on the webpage (optional, if you want to be suggested to others wishing to discover new streamers).
  3. Enter a few streamers you want to watch (optional).
  4. Press the “Start” button.
  5. Your browser will open a multi-Twitch style layout playing your favorite streamers along with other streamers you may like.

How to be Discovered

  1. Add your Twitch name to the text box before you launch Lurkinator. This lets us know you want to be discovered! Your stream will appear as a suggested stream for other streamers to discover.
  2. If you don’t want to be discovered but you still want to use the site as a platform to discover others, thats fine too! Just don’t add your name to the “Twitch Name” text box.
  3. If you have questions or feature requests, please ask.

How it Works

Embedded Twitch streams on Lurkinator are specifically chosen by you (the user), along with additional related streamer recommendations based on other streamers for discovery. First and foremost, we support streamer success by discovery! Streamer success requires real, genuine, community building which first requires viewers to discover new streams. Second is interaction! Lurkinator enables viewers and streamers to connect and communicate, which is critical to for building a real, long lasting community. Join our discord community to connect with streamers and viewers even further!

We never use chat bots, make users sign up, and never collect personal user information to show our appreciation and respect for our users.

This system is developed based on the needs of streamers and viewers. Let us know how we can make it better for you!

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