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Ultra HD 4K resolution WoW Paladin plate armor, rendered in Cinema 4D. I wanted to test out character rigging in C4D and the new 4K resolution which YouTube now supports! Let me know what you think.

What is 4K resolution?
4K is ultra high definition (4096 x 2304), and is 4x bigger than 1080p. It is the future of HD TV and internet video.

How I did it:
I used WoW Model Viewer to extract a 3D model of my character. I brought the 3D model into Cinema 4D, smoothed the meshes, rigged the character, added a 3D camera, and exported the the animation as a jpeg sequence. Then I imported the sequence and 3D camera into After Effects, added lens flares and particles.

Software I used:
Wow Model Viewer
Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Audition

How long did it take:
About a week, lol.

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