World of Warcraft 360 Panoramic Image Capture Tool

I am going to make a proper video on this, but just to get you started, here is the workflow. I will talk about PanoShot, AutoStitch, and best WoW graphics settings for panoramics!

I need:

360 Panoramics of Legion Class Order Halls (EVERY CLASS HALL)

If you provide me with Class Hall images, I will provide you with the entire collection for contributing.

What can you do Panoramic Images?

– They look really cool, bottom line.
– Unique desktop backgrounds like no one else has. Your WoW friends will be like, “Where did you get that?”, and you will be like, “I made it bro”, then they will be like, “NO WAI”.
– 360 sky objects for 3D WoW animations and artwork. See my upcoming class hall series where I put your character in 3D for a ultra high resolution wallpaper/artwork.
– many more. Let me know how you use them.

Download Free Tools:

PanoShot –

Autostitch –

Psynaps Tutorials and Panoramics:

Video 1. Includes PanoShot, AutoStitch, and best WoW graphics settings for panoramics:





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